Arduino roll key reader

Hi all.,

I need a project partner good in programming. As me and a friend of mine was trying to make a kefob replay device and we couldn’t , but right now I found a source code which can be edited and used in our device.

If any one is willing to make this one with me please lemme know… I have figured most of the hardwares used for the project… As well as a previous old version. Planning on using an esp8266 or an arduino nano

Please help me someone I’m weak in programing. I need someone’s guidance

What is the purpose of this device ?

Well there is a big security flaw ith the devices we use today… Well my consern is that I can make the device in less than 20 $ , which is way more valuable than what it can hack…

This most of thr companies knows abt this flaw but wont take action against it… I want to get to more people… Show them that they are not secure… In a way.
And it’s proven that this will work.

Watch this video

Go to 3.20 and watch till end.