Arduino RPM Light using OBD2


I need help whit my project. I’m trying to make RPM shift light for my Golf MK4 TDI 2003. I used an Arduino Nano and CAN-BUS module (Joy-it SBC-CAN01 CAN vmesnik 1 kos Primerno za: Arduino, Banana Pi, Raspberry Pi, Cubieboard | to read the data from OBD2 port in my car. My CAN-BUS module has this ON OFF pins and I don’t know what it does, it uses MCP2515.

I tried using this program: GitHub - sandeepmistry/arduino-OBD2: An Arduino library for reading OBD-II data from your car over CAN bus

And it did not work. The program ran but there was no data. I tried it on other cars, and it didn’t work either. (The code was set up for 16.000hz which my board has)

I also looked at wiring the Arduino to w-terminal on the alternator, but it is too hard to reach and I don’t want to disassemble it.

I am using addressable LEDs and a voltage regulator to power the circuit from 12V pins on OBD2.

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Can you please post a copy of your circuit, in CAD or a picture of a hand drawn circuit in jpg, png?

Is this you canbus module?
Where are the ON/OFF pins?

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I think you need to read the datasheet that is linked on that sellers site.

I think that explains it, canbus needs terminations at the ends of this comms cable pairs.
ON/OFF switches the terminal resistor in or out if it is or is not needed.

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I wired it as seen in the picture. Plus 5V power source (I’m using Arduino Nano).
Thanks for ur answers.

In the software provided have you tried to change canbus speed?

Have you connected UNO gnd to vehicle gnd?
Canbus does not use Hi and Lo as balanced lines, each line has distinct levels to indicate things like bus busy etc, you need gnd to reference these levels.

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I did connect the gnd. I didn’t change the speed I was following this video How to hack your car | Part 1 - The basics of the CAN bus - YouTube