Arduino RPM Reading using EE-SX672(Photo micro sensor) with LCD display problem

Hi Sir/Mam,

I have this problem, i dont know if my arduino is reading the output of my sensor (EE-SX672). i connected the output of my sensor in digital pin 2. with a 10kohm resistor connected to 5v. still no response in the lcd display, i wonder if the attachinterrupt is working properly.

Q1.) is there a way to check if my interrupt pin is stil working? Q2.) is my connection correct? (sensor to arduino connection)

the motor i used is brushed 12V DC.

Pls help. i need this project for my thesis. if you have codes and circuit that i can use to solve my problem, pls share.

No link to the datasheet of the sensor and no code you're testing with (and use code tags when you post it!). Did you read the sticky post at the top of the forum?