Hi all
I suggest that a new library called ARDUINO RTOS will be added in a
proper section of REFFERENCE .

The idea is to add RTOS related functions to the IDE .
Examples can be found in free rtos like the FREE RTOS and embedded linux and several more.
Maybe for this a ARM based ARDUINO will be issued .
Meanwhile adding RTOS functions that can be executed by proper existing ARDUINO boards
should be added one by one.

This will "push" ARDUINO to the first line of RTOS based bords
like BEAGLE BOARD and many others.

Will be delighted to read feedback from you on this .

There are several different RTOS "libs" for Arduino ,
Which to choose?
on what criteria?

Can you show which RTOS libs exist for arduino ?


Hi all
I suggest that a new RTOS sub forum will be added .
It will deal with RTOS related subjects like how to add the FREE RTOS to the code
Or adding RTOS related commands to the IDE.or RTOS programming issues .

It is time to add RTOS functionality to ARDUINO .


I will forward your proposal to the webmaster,

Many thanks

Hi all

I suggest that the FREE RTOS FreeRTOS - Market leading RTOS (Real Time Operating System) for embedded systems with Internet of Things extensions will be embedded
into the IDE along with proper documentation in the REFERENCE section ..

FreeRTOS, NilRTOS, and ChibiOS...
Seeing that questions and discussions of these do not overwhelm the existing forum topics, I don't think we need a new topic.
(RTOS discussion usually happens in the "Other Software Development" forum.)

SCOOP: Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.
RTuniOS: GitHub - PeterVranken/RTuinOS: RTuinOS, a small Real Time Operating System (RTOS) for Arduino

I support!