Arduino s/w with ATTiny Processors

Hello, has anyone attempted to port the Arduino environment to the ATTiny platform. I am thinking about the 14 dip versions of the ATTINY24/44/84 in particular. Also I am just starting to dig into the core code, so any tips on things to look at in the preferences.txt file, as well as the /lib/targets/arduino directory would be appreciated.


Its theoretically possible. Its already been ported to the ATMega16 and I believe soon the ATMega32. Just need to add a few more defines.

Yes. I saw the Mega32 thread after I posted. Looks like the list of things that needed to change was not too bad. I suspect after a couple of ports, things will get organized in the community around the list of changes necessary to add in any AVR. I will keep plugging on with my efforts, and see how easy/hard it is.

This environment is so much better than anything else out there.