Arduino Save Problem NAS

OS: Win7
Arduino 1.8.9

My Project Files are saved on a NAS and i access them via Wlan. The Wlan sometimes works very slow, so i disabled:

File->Preferences->"Save when verifying or uploading". So Compiling and uploading worked much faster.

But last time i finally could not save the project, because i had no Wlan. So i closed the Arduino IDE and hoped by restarting the IDE or Project file, to get the old sketch, but all tabs where i made changes are completely empty.

Why that?

I could not save the changes, but why is the sketch file empty?

Hope someone can help me.
Thanks in advance.

Network type installs have been seen to cause thier own special problems and what you experienced was only one of many.
Unless you are fully conversant with those types of install and the cloud/network is 100% reliable and available 24/7/365 it is best to avoid them.

Please READ THIS POST to help you get the best out of the forum.


These steps may also save you some unnecessary time and effort in the forum.

  • Always provide as much detail as possible to your issue it may be important.
  • If applicable provide your SKETCH inside CODE TAGS ( </> ) or a CREATE share link.
  • If applicable provide a schematic even if hand drawn.


  • Check you have a COMMON GROUND where required.
  • Where possible use USB 2.0 ports or a USB 2.0 POWERED HUB to rule out USB 3.0 issues.
  • Try other computers where possible.
  • Try other USB leads where possible.
  • You may not have the correct driver installed. CH340/341 or CP2102
  • There may be a problem with the board check your wiring first.
  • Remove any items connected to pins 0 and 1.


  • Ensure you turn off any additional security / antivirus just to test.
  • There may be a problem with the PC try RESTARTING it.
  • You may be selecting the wrong COM port.
  • Avoid cloud/network based installations where possible OR ensure your Network/Cloud software is RUNNING.
  • Clear your browsers CACHE.
  • Close the IDE before using any other serial programs.
  • Preferably install IDE's as ADMINISTRATOR or your OS equivalent

Performing the above actions may help resolve your problem without further help.


For the next time, use file -> save as and save a local drive :wink: There is no auto-save functionality that will e.g. save every 10 seconds if changes are made.