Arduino SD Shield Power Consumption

Hi there, so I am working on a low power sensor system storing data on an SD card.

I have the Arduino Wireless SD Shield, and I noticed that by just plugging in the shield my power consumption goes up by about 30mA.

Is is this normal / is there anything I can do to reduce this ?

How about posting a link to the shield you are using? My crystal ball is broken, sorry.

// Per.

Well i had a look at the schematics. The board employs a voltage regulator and some buffer chips which is fed from it. The data sheet for the voltage regulator states that a worst case quiescent power usage is around 20mA, so with the extra parts sipping some extra, 30mA shouldn't be far off.

So i guess that's just how it is - no workaround here.

If you need to power the shield from a battery pack, look into isolating (cutting) the 5V-pin and switch it with a MOSFET - then you can turn it off completely.

// Per.

Many SdFat users build very low power loggers.

Here is a logger that will run 4-6 months on three AA cells.