Arduino selection

Are there any Arduinos with an analog output?

Are there any shields providing an analog output (or two)?

All Arduinos have Analog in. Due has DAC

An analog shield Here Example

Can you afford $5 ? MCP4725 12-bit DAC

raschemmel: Can you afford $5 ? MCP4725 12-bit DAC

$5 is good, but that would be $10. I will need two analog out.

Anything like this with 2 Aout? or maybe 4 Aout?

Moving on with Arduino selection. I have a series of projects to do. Now that I have decided to bite the bullet and go programmable, I need to find one series of boards I can use that will cover a wide array of projects. The arduino series may be a good fit, if I can determine they will fit in each of my projects.

First question: I'm thinking of using an Arduino Uno for development, but not necessarily for the final concept, due or space and/or cost. I'm looking at the Arduino Pro Mini and Mini. The Pro Mini uses a ATMega168 where as the Uno and Mini use the ATMega chip. How will that difference affect the programming?

Next up: The Mini and Pro Mini do not include any connection (USB?) for programming. Are these boards:

the ones required for programming and communicating with the Mini and Pro Mini?

Do they plug directly on to the Mini and Pro Mini? Or is there wiring involved (I have not yet found a wiring drawing to connect them)

Thank you for your patience. I am sure will have more questions like this.