Arduino - send audio to PC over USB?

I have to use a really horrible windows 8 tablet, and it has no line in jack, but I need to get some Grateful Dead bootleg tapes recorded from my Pioneer tape deck (CT-W604RS). I am wondering if i would be able to send the audio over an arduino as serial, and dump it to a .WAV file or something on the computer. I am not sure if the ATMEGA32 is fast enough to handle 44khZ audio. Can someone tell me if this is possible so I don't waste any time?

I have the necessary jacks, two LM386es, and a lot of other miscellaneous components, so hardware is no problem.

Should have mentioned: i have access to both an authentic Arduino Uno r3 and an authentic Arduino Leonardo.

If there were only a PCI slot somehow, I still have a diamond monster sound card from around 1999 that has line in. Oh well.

I also have MinGW and a C compiler, as well as a C++ compiler, and I can make a host-side decoder in C if necessary.

I wouldn't waste your time.

Why so? is it infeasible or impossible? because I think it sounds really interesting from a theoretical standpoint too. I want to know if it is possible. Mono or stereo would be fine.

Typically, 10 bit audio sounds awful (CD quality is 16 bit)
Add to that low sample rate mono, and you should see why it's not such a great idea.