Arduino sending textfile to email....

hi everyone, i am searching for information to send text file from Arduino Sd card to email... anyone has example code to share? it would be a big help...

Are you trying to use a server side script (like PHP for example) to send this data to… and have IT send out the email?

are you saying the ‘contents’ of a text file? or the actual text file itself? (like as an attachment)

Most recent GSM modem chipsets provide 'canned' scripts to send email via GPRS connections.

Take a look at the (e.g. SIM900) command reference, and it shows how to send a message. Get that sorted first, then it's a little more complicated mplicated to attach a separate file, rather than embedded in-line text.

Another possibility is to transfer the file to your destination via FTP - also provided with canned scripts/commands in newer modems.

no, it is like attachment, just like what we normally do when e-mailing, but this time i wan arduino to do it automically instead of me myself manually send.... is it possible ?

Hi idp1 did you find an ansewer i have your same probleme...
Can you share the code with me ? it would be a big help...

I save my files using the SD Shield to my SD Card so I can send it via email. I use an Arduino UNO board, an SD shield and a 800c SIM. The email is sent as long as I do not attach a file, but when I use the following command to attach:

GsmSerial.println ("AT + SMTPFILE = 1, " Text1.TXT \ ", 0 \ r");
GsmSerial.println ("AT + SMTPFD = 1100 \ r");

I get an error message.

GsmSerial.println ("AT + SMTPSEND");

Someone can help me with this.