Arduino sensor projects at

Hi all,

Just wanted you to know that there's a new site, where I blog about various sensor projects.

Many of them utilize Arduino, hence they should be of interest to readers of this forum.

I've just finished two beginner level articles:

Introduction to Arduino The article covers motivation, selecting and purchasing the board, setting up the development environment, and creating a very simple sensor project using just a temperature sensor and a buzzer. NO SOLDERING SKILLS NEEDED!

Home Energy Monitor with Arduino Introductory level project, which utilizes a PC, an Arduino microcontroller board, and a custom made sensor box for monitoring home electricity usage. The idea is to use an optical sensor to read current energy consumption from home electricity meter, and send this information to a PC for post-processing. The article goes through developing the sensor box step-by-step, explaining everything on the way.

Next article will utilize the energy monitor sensor box to discuss about creating software for sensor projects, and how to push sensor data to the cloud.

Hopefully these will be useful to others. I'll be glad to hear any suggestions and feedback!

Full disclaimer: I'm a long time Arduino user who has done lots of Arduino based projects both for hobby and business. As a strong supporter of open-source approach, for a long time I've wished I could give something back to the Arduino community. Finally I decided to reserve some of my time for creating a sensor related blog, and started to share my projects and experience as a professional sensor specialist.

I've just added a new article to It discusses writing sensor software for Arduino:

Home Energy Monitor with Arduino, part 2/3: SW This is a beginner level article that goes through topics such as analog-to-digital conversion theory, selecting suitable sampling rate, bit resolution etc. using home energy monitor as a use case.

Processing sensor data with a PC will be discussed in a third article, which ends this trilogy about home energy monitor.

I just posted a new article to This one concludes the energy meter trilogy:

Home Energy Monitor with Arduino, part 3/3: Data This is a beginner level article that goes through accessing Arduino sensor stream from PC side, printing it to screen, logging to file (with auto start and email alerts!), calculating statistics, creating plots, and pushing sensor data to cloud service. Home energy monitor is used as a use case.

Next article is already under way...