Arduino sensor that maesures its own speed

So I need a sensor that measures its own speed. That basically means that if I move it slow it will give an output that i can turn into a value which increases if the movement of the sensor increases. can anybody tell me what I'm looking for?

Speed always has a time component. So your sensor will HAVE to include a time measuring function. Don't know of such a device.

Can you tell more, there are too many possibilities and for your project it might not be possible.

Speed of a ship : use GPS
Speed of a rolling ball : measure the centrifugal force
Speed of a car : measure the rotation of a wheel or motor
Speed of an aeroplane : use a Pitot tube
and so on

When a smaller object is moved, some use a accelerator to try to calculate its position. That will work a little, but it is not accurate. The object should also move very smooth, because the software has to keep up with every motion.

I will need something for measuring the movement of a staff. I was thinking of building a lightsaber and I wanted it to sound smoothly (smooth swing(you canlook it up)). I don't even know if thats possible with arduino. I know that soundboards like a crystall focus 10 have that feature but I don't want to spend that much money on a soundboard which most features are not relevant to me

If you mean the swing of the staff, then an accelerometer and/or gyro sensor (6DOF sensor does both).

The gyro measures the rate of rotation, while the accelerometer measures the total acceleration, which includes the acceleration due to gravity. In the latter case, the "excess" acceleration (i.e. above 1 g) increases as the swing velocity increases.

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thank you very much

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