arduino,sensors and esp8266

hello there!i m building a home-made alarm system with some pir sensors,smoke detectors etc all of them transfering data to an arduino and a raspi..but here is the thing..instead of using several arduinos because of their high cost (i cannt use wires) around the house,with pir sensors,could i use esp8266 connected with pir sensors?one esp and one pir sensor for every place i want to check?could the code from arduino work with this?esp8266 is based in which language?? also,i dont have a usb to serial adapter,could i use my arduino uno as a serial to usb,just to program esp to interact with the sensor and the lan?? really thanks in advance for your time!

if this cann't be done,will something like this help me??

Go with esp8266, looks like a cheap way to go. I wouldnt use arduino as usb to serial because esp8266 uses 3v3 volt. Buy a 3v3 ftdi breakout. Esp8266 as default comes with AT commands, but I suggest to reflash it with nodemcu (based on lua language).

hello again!since the store is quite away,can i try to use arduino as usb to serial with the 3v arduino pin?or i ll destroy it??

Tx and rx are 5 v. You may damage it unless you level shift them.

i m not sure so my question may be completely wrong…but could i level shift the power,using a resistor,like he did?(5$ Arduino WiFi Module!? ESP8266 mini Tutorial/Rev) is that possible?if i can,the procedure will be:breadboard,resistors and connecting ch-pd,gpio’s,rst and vcc to 3.3v and then,the rx and tx to leveled 3.3vt?? am i right??i m asking because i m not sure that the store here does have an ftdi breakout…


You can program ESP8266 with the Arduino IDE link (no need to use LUA or a second "Arduino board").

I would also recommend that you buy a 3.3V USB to serial adapter from Ebay. EDIT: You can also level shift 5V serial to 3.3V serial if you want.

Perhaps this on the Blynk forum may be of interest to you. - Scotty

it seems a very good possibility this esp module...i m really interested to find out a way to program it,to add the sensors to it etc....