Arduino + Serato DJ = Seratuino


This is a little proof of concept I developed to use the arduino as a Serato compatible device. In other words, you can emulate a turntable + time-coded vinyl using just the Arduino.

More info:

Let me know what you think ;)

wow thats amazing!! I have an early version of Stanton final scratch - I wonder if the timecode vinyls are the same?

nice project! Where are you going to take it?

Thanks dtokez!

I don't know if the timecode vinyls are the same. I guess you can easily figure that out. Just connect the output of the turntable with the timecode vinyl to any line in and record the audio input. I tested mine with Audacity, you should be able to do the same. If you zoom in very closely you should notice sine waves or any other wave.

As for the project, I have no plans :) I thought I can easily build serato "digital" turntables out of old analog turntables using a mix of this technique and the one posted here -> (to track the position/speed of the turntable).

Have you got anything interesting in mind? Let me know! :P