arduino serial moniter ubuntu problem

so i run the analonginserialout sketch from the pre loaded examples, but it give me garbage.
i edited the sketch down to just sending one char at a time, and its all wrong.
i send "a" and i get "O"
i send "b" and i get " ' ".

ive been using the serial monitor in the arduino IDE.
no other serial moniter seems to work on my system. (i dont know why, and yes, i tried 'sudo cutecom' ect.)

i think its related to the format used to interpret the data from the arduino, but there seems to be very little documentation on how the arduino IDE serial monitor works by default and if it can be changed.

please help. this is driving me crazy. :frowning:

It looks like a baud rate mismatch problem.

Look in the lower right corner of the Serial Monitor window: there's a number which tells you the baud rate it expects for the incoming data.

Now look at the sketch source code: there's a Serial.begin(xxx); call, where xxx is the baud rate Arduino uses to talk to the serial monitor (or whatever application is listening to the serial port on the PC). The xxx number in the sketch and the one in the serial monitor must match.

Hope this helps...

monitor is expectiong 9600, and sketch is sending at 9600...

Post your sketch code, please.