Arduino Serial Monitor Create by me

I create a program to read/write on serial of arduino without reset.


Features: Log Save Log Packets Count No Reset Led blink Led Fading with auto animation


If you have any ideas to be included in the program, tell me :)

Well done,

here are some ideas

  1. add a language file so the User Interface is not bilingual.
  2. add an auto speed detection modus.
  3. add timing information when a byte was received
  4. add capture to logfile
  5. add support for monitoring multiple ports in parallel
    COM1: 123
    COM2: 234
    COM2: 233
    COM1: 23
    Per comport different baudrates
  6. add serial bridge
    forward to other comport and back (debugging two arduino talking serial)
  7. add ASCII / HEX presentations
  8. add “syntax highlighting”, predefined values get certain color
    => e.g. detect \n
  9. add triggered command
    if a certain sequence is received execute a predefined application
  10. add forward bytes to keyboardbuffer
  11. add statistics - bytes/sec charts! and frequency diagrams

enough for coming weekend? :wink:

For now try the language file and multiple ports ;)

I Have Other Idea create a web server without ethernet shield only use apache and my program.