arduino serial over usb to rs232 cable

Hello guys !
I’m new on the arduino stuff and I’m from Romania. Unfortunately the ardunino can not be find on Romania so I proceed to make my own arduino from the schematics found here

My problem is that I’m a Mac notebook owner and an EEEPC that does not have RS232 port.
My question is :

If i buy an USB to RS232 converter cable I can use the serial arduino with this cable ?

The question is the same even if use an Linux box ?

Thank you in advance and keep going the good stuff.

ues a usb to rs232 connector will work.

whether or not it works on a linux box depends on the driver that comes with the connectors.

I have an eeePc and can confirm usb-rs232 adaptor works fine,

I have a generic one and the seed-studio usb ftdi board. Both work out of the box with the standard eeepc 701 install as well as eeebuntu 7.10 and 8.04

If you’re going to be working on the arduino with an eeepc can I suggest you upgrade to eeebuntu 8.04 - you will need this to be able to use the new 0015 IDE.