Arduino Serial Port not Found

I looked through the FAQ and followed it's suggestions, and i looked on this message board and other sites, but i just can't seem to get my problem fixed. I have a USB Arduino Decimilia that is found on COM3... or at least it should be. If i go under device manager it shows up just fine. However, the Arduino software does not show it as a possible COM port. I have tried changing the port number around and it will never see it in the software. I had it working before, so i know it works.... just isn't working now, and i can't figure out why. I'm running the latest FTDI drivers and Arduino 0011 Alpha.

Any suggestions? I have disabled bluetooth and exited the bluetooth manager in case that was an issue.

it figures doesn’t it… i got it fixed just after posting my problem. I ended up going in the arduino software directory, then going under drivers, and uninstalling the FTDI drivers and then reinstalling them fresh