Arduino Serial Problems

Hi all,

I’ve got some code (there’s a lot of it, hence why I’m not posting straight away) that polls two analog inputs, stores the values temporarily in RAM, then serves up a serial string consisting of a S/N and the two archived values.

Now, the code works, for a few minutes, then just seems to flake out, mid-string.

I’m using the default serial rate of 9600 bps, with a FT-232 Adapter board.

I’ve tried the code on a variety of boards (MEGA 1280, Mini Pro 328, Demilunovae and a selection of hand-built boards), to no avail…

Changing the program cycle frequency seems to have no effect, with the code eventually halting abruptly mid-string, every time(!).

Here’s the function for sending the data string…

void transmit_packet(int RH,int temp)
// Serial.print("&");
for (int i = 0; i<6;){

  • i++;}*

_ Serial.print(",");_

  • // Serial.print(“T=”);*
    _ Serial.print(temp);_
    _ Serial.print(",");_
    _ Serial.print(RH);_
    _ Serial.println("");_
  • xb_sleep();*
    And the main program flow…
    > void loop() //MAIN PROGRAM
    *> { *
    > get_data(); // Poll Analog Inputs
    > transmit_packet(RH, temp); // Pass data to xBee for transmission
    > delay(transmission_delay);
    > check_serial_num();
    *> *
    > loop(); // Loop Around
    > }
    I haven’t included the get_data function, as I don’t think it’s causing any problems, but its pretty simple, read A0 and A1, store to variables RH and temp.
    The code seems to be breaking mid-flow of transmit_packet, and it’s left me at a loss… :-/
    Has anyone experienced anything similar when going heavy on the Serial.print function?
    Thanks all,

Here’s your problem:

void loop()                        //MAIN PROGRAM
  get_data();                      // Poll Analog Inputs
  transmit_packet(RH, temp);       // Pass data to xBee for transmission
  loop();                          // Loop Around [glow]<---- NOOOOO!!!!!!![/glow]

You should not have loop() calling itself as you will eventually smash the available stack space on the processor. loop() is called in a loop anyways…there is no need for you to keep calling it.

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Hi there.

I have a similar problem ith a NANO-board. That is that when I run a program that sends out strings (regular intervals ~ 1sec) the program seems to halt after a while when I don’t read the data.
The program flow is monitored by an activity-led (13) when the data is sent. When I plug the USB back in or read data the program resets (values are re-initialized!)
The problem is that the board is intended for stand-alone use and sometimes can be monitored for correct functioning.

Anyone an idea?

Anyone an idea?

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