Arduino serial, "programmer is not responding"

Hello everybody,

Arduino newbie here :-): I've just finised soldering a new Arduino Serial. Installing an ATmega168, already programmed on another Arduino Diecimila, the board starts and executes the sketch without problems.

However if I try to load new sketch using a serial cable the only result is "programmer not responding" :-(. The serial cable actually comes from mac with OS X and Keyspan USB-RS232 adapter. In the GUI the correct port is selected.

Am I missing something fundamental? Is it possible to use ATmega168 from Diecimila on Serial?

Any ideas/help is greatly appreciated.

-- S.

Hmmm, not really. Because the Diecimila has an automatic reset, the bootloader that comes on the chips in the Diecimila has a very short timeout. This means that if you put the chip in another board you can only upload code if you time it exactly right (within about a half-second). You'll want to get a chip with the Arduino NG bootloader on it, or burn the NG bootloader to a chip from the Arduino environment (which requires an AVRISP mkII or other hardware programmer). The NG bootloader should work on the Diecimila, as long as you don't mind waiting a bit longer for your program to start.

Thank you very much!

Ok, I've ordered another ATmega from PCB-europe and will experiment with it. Unfortunately I'll have to wait a bit until it's arrival :(

Last question -- is it possible to flash the NG bootloader using the parallel port programer and Decimilla board?

It should be actually. You could try downloading Arduino 0008, and using its version of uisp. I don't think you'll be able to set the fuses (especially the extended one), but they should already have the values you want. The .hex file for an NG bootloader is included with Arduino 0009.