Arduino , Serial Proxy, Flash

i hate Flash.

But i have to use it. Though it feels like a absolute pain in the ass to connect it to Arduino.
I am working on OS X 10.5 and i used the Serial proxy and the example by beltran berrocal Arduino code&examples - by b of Progetto25zero1
But i wouldn’t work until i put the line printString("");
to the void loop(){} in the Arduino program.

void loop () {
  //try to read the serial port and create a string out of what you read
  // prints the sentence only if Flash actually said something
  if( isStringEmpty(serInString) == false) {
      //first send feedback to flash that it's sentence has been heard
      printString("Arduino heard you saying: ");
      //optional: separate confirmation and reply in two different serial strings
      //by passing a byte(0) that informs the XMLSocket that the comunication is over
      //now answer to Flash continuing the conversation, sending the appropriate reply
      ArduinoConversation( sentenceNum );
      //update the conversation index so that it will answer the next sentence
      //you will have to reset the board by hand if you will want to re-sincronize the board

Why is that? i don’t know…

That way the connection was made, even though it still feels totaly unreliable, also because someone said, the arduino program has to be uploaded after every try etc. .
And i asked myself if i am on the best / fastest possible way to do that kind of thing or i am somewhere in 2005? Since i never used flash i thought there might be something similar / easy like connecting it to openframeworks or processing / java?

That way it also seems to be impossible to have the arduino board running and sending data to flash without having the Arduni IDE+Serial Monitor on?

If someone might help me or give me information, i would like to update that serial proxy sample for Intel Macs, since i felt there are a lot of problems with the whole Arduino <-> Flash thing on Intel Macs.