Arduino Serial USB Access and FreeBSD


I'm using a Arduino UNO and created a fan control. The control is managed by serial USB commands. It works very great in the IDE but if I connect the USB on FreeBSD (FreeNas 11 U4) I can't connect to the Arduino.

A device /dev/cuaU0 appears if I connect the arduino but I don't get an communication working. I tried screen /dev/cuaU0 9600 and minicom

The tools connect but will not send or receive data. I'm not sure about the config. it's connected with 9600 8-N-1 Hardware Flow Control On, Software Flow Control Off.

The kernel module from 'comms/uarduino' is already installed. I am root.

Did someone get it to work already?



Source code: arduino-sketches/arduino_fan_control.ino at master · mhus/arduino-sketches · GitHub

There is no hardware flow control on an Arduino.

Thx for help!

It's working now. The solution was very simple... terminal sends only a \r but I was waiting for \n to end the line.