Arduino serial voltage intermittently floating

I’m having a problem with an Arduino project I’m currently working on. Intermittently (Without changing ANYTHING in either the hardware or the sketch) when powering the device on, the MAXIM MAX3232CPE+ IC was getting blistering hot. I’m only using 2 of the 4 I/O (1 x TTL, 1 x RS232) and have the other inputs tied to ground. I stuck the device onto my scope (results below) and when the device is powering up, after about 50ms or so the serial out either comes up to VCC or appears to be floating. When it appears to be floating is when the MAX3232 gets super hot. The fact this is only happening some of the time has made me completely confused as I’ve never had this happen before for other projects (Although this is the first time using a MAX3232). If I turn the power off and back on again, it usually goes into it’s functional state, however I need to provide this to someone to test and I can’t have them hooking it up to a scope when they power it on to determine if it’ll fail.
I’ve already damaged 1 IC due to it overheating, how can I stop this?
I was considering setting the pins to outputs and then setting them high/low for a short period in setup(), but I can’t see any documentation that supports switching it from an output to serial again.
Edit to add: Running on a Mega 2560, CH1 is VCC, CH2 is TX2 that connects to the MAX3232

After most of the day playing around with it, the problem appears to be latch up from a probably fake bunch of ICs I had. Swapped with a known genuine and I haven't been able to cause it to latch up yet. Fingers crossed that's all it was!