Arduino (Server) - Labview (Client)

Hi everyone! I am working in a new project but I need some help, the scheme shows what I have to do, it consits in TCP communication between two arduinos as (Servers) and Labview as (Client), for the connection of arduinos to ethernet, I have the module ENC28J60 and I already install the respective library for that, it is called “Ethercard” I do not know a lot of arduino for that reason I need for your help to show me how I have to program the arduinos in order to finish this project, if you have some ideas for the VI I would appreciate


What, EXACTLY, do you want the Arduino as server to do? Why did you cripple your chances of success by saving $0.50 buying the ENC28J60 ethernet card instead of a W5x00 based Ethernet card?

Thanks for answer, well the arduino has to adquire analog and digital information and send other that labview send previuslly, the module that I bought was the only one available I wanted to buy the other module shield W5100.