Arduino servo emulator

Hi All, we've seen how an Arduno can drive radio control type servos, but has anyone written code such that Arduino connected to an R/C receiver can emulate a servo(s) ? To the point of increasing/decreasing an integer value when the transmitter controls are moved ?


Yeah - the basic way is to use the pulseIn() function:

There are other ways using timers and pin change interrupts, but the above is the basic way. Look also for the code for the Dagu Wild Thumper Motor controller:

It has a complete demonstration code set that uses pulseIn() for R/C PPM decoding.


Have a look at my blog starting here -

Duane B

Thanks for the replies guys - much appreciated. I checked your blog entry Duane, it looks interesting, so I'll give it a shot and I'll look forward to seeing part 2 !!

I didn't even know about rdarduino site !!

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If you look around the site, there are a lot of follow up posts including a simple RC Robot with the full code provided-

Duane B.