Arduino + Servo + GPS + LCD + Wood = Best gift ever!

Hi everyone!

This is my first Arduino project!

I made a Reverse Geocache (imagined by Mikal Hart), as a cool way to give my father is birthday gift!

I used an Arduino Nano, Sensor shield, Ultimate GPS (adafruit), servo, LCD, buzzer, some wood.

This is a box locked from the inside, that unlock only when you have reached all the setpoint (GPS coordinate).

Code is attached

First box idea:

Conception with SolidWorks:

Cutting the wood pieces:

Schematic (Some improvement have been made, e.g. : buzzer)


Latch mecanism:

Wooden rod that lock the lid

Electronic :

The lid:

Final box:

My father after the first step! :slight_smile:

Possible improvement :

Code optimization, hide screw, make a smaller box…

What do you think of this project? :slight_smile:

QuestBoxPathw_Fmacro.ino (19.5 KB)

That was for sure one cool application.

Simple but effective.

Me like :)

Looks great :D :D :D It should be in a smaller box i think ...

Awesome gift . Great post !

Looks great :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
It should be in a smaller box i think …

You’re right, at first I didn’t know how big will be the gift to put inside, so I build something really big! If I had to rebuild one, a would do a box half this size or less. The wooden rod have to be quite strong so the box can’t be very very small.

Awesome gift .
Great post !

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey! Some news :

One of the step was in the middle of a big lake! So my father took the boat we had build years ago and send me these photo !

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