Arduino Setup - Help!

Hello, I'm about to buy my first Arduino with an array of various components. I would like to first make a small robot to get the feel of the Arduino architecture the best I can, hence the number of components I've chosen.

My question is: is it possible to interface all these components with the Arduino Duemilanove USB microcontroller? If not, I would like to know what the limits of the Arduino is.

The components I wanted to buy and learn to program are:

Any and all feedback is apprecited!

Pretty much all of those, but I suggest you don't do them all at the same time (well, not just yet, anyway).

The only one you'll have real problems with is

Tamiya Twin-Motor Gear Box

You'll need some serious motor drivers for that.

Thanks for the quick reply AWOL!

Yea, looking at the current that sucker draws is a little much for my purposes. I'm guessing the arduino only puts out 50-100mA at the pins so what if I used two of these (Adafruit Motor Shield Kit - with these motors: Solarbotics GM6 - ?


I'm guessing the arduino only puts out 50-100mA

Guessing is a good way to find a smoking Arduino.

40mA max per pin, and there's a mmaximum current per device, depending on the flavour of AVR.

BTW, you linked the motor page twice. Watch out for that stall current on the motors - the spec says 88mA, but the safety clutch suggests nearly eight times that at stall.