Arduino setup with LoRaWAN and eink display


I want to create a device that can use LoRaWAN and has an eink display. I searched for the components but I'm not 100% sure if everything fits together.

So far I got this: - Arduino Uno ( - LoRaWAN Module ( in commbination with a multiprotocol radio shield ( - Waveshare e-Paper display (

Now I'd like to know whether I can connect these components together and if it works. Especially if there are enough ports to connect these modules. (e.g. I want to avoid that the arduino only has one pin of type X but more than one of the modules need to connect to this pin)

If you need further information I'd be happy to provide those as long as I know these - I am a beginner ;)


very good idea. whats about it?

contact us,pls. maybe we can develop something