Arduino Severino. Protocol error, expect=0x14...

Hello guys, I have made the Arduino Severino with Atmega88, have found a bootloader for it, but cannot upload any program to it through COM-port. I always get "...protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51..." error. Please may you give me some instructions how can I check the board (only hardware) on errors. Can I make a loopback test or smth else? I think that the problem isn't in bootloader but who knows...

Here are the photos: Red circles shows elements which I think can be wrong (low-profile quartz and polarized C9 capacitor (instead of non-polarized)) Green circles shows BC547C and BC557 transistors (orientated like here, but I have found that user Pwillard orientated them differently And yellow circle shows the RX led which never blinks during the upload process. I am a newbie, maybe you what problem can it be?

P. S. The board is connected to the PC COM-port directly, that's why I have soldered two wires to the power socket

Have you got the auto reset circuitry working? It sounds like you have not. The other thing to try is pressing the reset button just after you tell it to upload.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! :D It works!!! The problem was in bootloader+autoreset, thank you Grumpy_Mike. Later I will try to post a how-to about Arduino on Atmega88.

Here are the steps: 1. Make an Arduino Severino (I have used polarized capacitor C9 instead of non-polarized. + side to the ground); 2. Make the AVR-ISP programmer for LPT-port (wires shouldn't be longer then 10 cm); 3. Connect the programmer to the Arduino Severino (be careful and don't mismatch programmer wires with connector on board) and connect the power through power socket; 4. Burn this bootloader: There you will find the instructions how to modify the Arduino IDE. 5. When you will press reset button you won't see the flash of Led L but the bootloader works perfectly! Connect the board through the COM-port (don't forget to put jumper on its place to enable the serial port) to the computer and connect the battery to the power socket. Firstly, press the upload button and then reset button on board.

Simply connect the pin 7 instead of 4 of DB9 connector and now you can upload without any problems the sketches and without press reset button previosly.