arduino severino


i have built the arduino severino w\ bootloaded atmega168 through the instructions given on the website.i have completed the hardware part but i don't find any instructions on plugging the board for the first time and installing the drivers and other stuff. should i directly plug it through the serial cable.

regards, gaurav.p

You say you have the atmega chip programmed already? You have looked the board over well, made sure there no shorts anywhere, all the connections between components are there? I would take the chip out, measure between +Vin and Gnd, make sure nothing is shorted. Same for +5 & Gnd. If that looks good, plug in the power. Measure 5V again, confirm its 5V. Then remove power & put in your chip. Power it up. The Power LED should come on, and possibly the LED on pin 13 will flash periodically also (all the new boards I have purchased have done that). If that is all working, then you could try connecting to your PC and downloading a simple sketch, assuming you have the arduino stuff all loaded on your PC.

yes,the chip is already bootloaded w\ arduino firmware. are any drivers required for installation or directly just plug and play?

Regds, gaurav.p

All depends on the PC, operating system, etc.

Go here & do some reading