Arduino Shell

Hi All;

I develop a new shell for arduino , It is open source it is usesful when you debug arduino with robotic environment. You can use with other terminals.

For example when you want to change 12th pin as 1 simply write write 1 12 in serial shell

You can download from sourceforge its name is fruitshell

Now that you've made your first post, post a link to the project! It sounds like something I could use myself...


Sorry The forum not allowing me to send links

you can reach from / projects / fruitshell

Strange; you should be able to post a link right after your first post - just by putting the URL in your posting (it will automatically create a link).

I'll have to take a look at the code later on; I got to the sourceforge site, so your instructions on how to get there came across ok - for others, go here:


I release new version 2.1 , it has small scripting language in it.

Hi halidziya,

Just wanted to say thanks for releasing your code - I used most of it for my version of the 'fruit' shell, which should also work through telnet - see Arduino playground - Sdfrethsh... (edit: but it seems I missed your new version posted yesterday :) )


Oh very good, I will download it.

In a new version I add a simple script language , it may be very benifical. And it is simple to add new commands