Arduino/Shield Advice

Hello. I’m new here. I did have a quick read of the ‘How to Use This Forum’ thread before writing, so if I missed something important please let me know (gently).

An apparatus I’m wanting to build involves eight sets of devices which include a two-phase planetary stepper motor, an electret microphone sensor, an RGB LED, and a tension load cell (the set being read would be indicated by the set’s corresponding LED lit green; the sets already read would have their LED lit blue. See attached pictures). I have looked at different boards and shields for steppers and sensors, and it would seem as if one of the easiest ways to accomplish this without having to stack multiple shields would be to multiplex the sensors and LEDs. Once each set’s sensors had been read and some calculations made (one being an FFT over, say, 0.1s, for each sensor in turn when the SPL for the active set’s audio sensor reaches a set threshold), the steppers would all start moving at the same time and over the same duration of time, quite likely all by different amounts, let alone different directions, so as to better control the way the force on the apparatus’ media is being altered.

Sounds complex. The best way to avoid multiple shields is to design your own circuit board. It can be much larger than a shield and can have proper connectors like DB-25's.

Multiplex the LEDs by using adressable LEDs. Thousands of LEDs can share one data pin. Don't try to mix inputs and outputs.

Here are some of the pictures:


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Moons' Stepper Motor (eight of these)

These motors, if needed (let alone possible) will be run in 'two phase on' mode (See my other post: Two-Phase Stepper Motor in 'Two Phase On' Operation - Motors, Mechanics, Power and CNC - Arduino Forum)

Kumar Stepper Shield w/ Uno equivalent (probably two of these)

All Electronics' Posable Electret Microphone (eight of these)

Panasonic' Unidirectional Electret Capsule (to replace stock capsule in microphone - eight of these)

Degraw Tension Load Cell (eight of these)

RGB L.E.D. (eight of these)

Sensor Shield (just one, I think)