Arduino Shield and XBee pins

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I have an arduino 2009 [duemilanove] and i have installed a xbee on the arduino shield. the xbee is configured as a router in api mode. I want to be able to trigger some events on the arduino ,using the xbee. so I’m trying to force xbee digital pin 1 (or any other pin) to HIGH by sending the api frame that corresponds with “atd15” command. the thing is, I don’t know how to get the arduino to listen to this change. How do i know which xbee digital pin corresponds to a pin in arduino so i can listen to that pin?

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If you are referring to the Arduino xbee shield, the only xbee digital pins that are connected to anything are DIO5 and DIO7 and they are dedicated to reset and the associate led.

You can connect a wire from xbee DIO1 (pin 19 on the xbee) to any unused Arduino input and monitor it.

use a transistor though...

Ah, that's right, all my stuff is 3.3V. I guess a level shifter might be necessary.