Arduino shield compatible with arduino DUE

Hi everyone . I have just a question : which arduino ethernet shields are compatible with an arduino DUE rev 3 ???
Thank you in advance .

Likely none - Due has 3.3V IO, Uno/Mega are 5V interface. Read the Product page about each to be sure. The recent addition of IO Reference voltage to Power Header was to let the shield know the IO level to use; I don't know if any card is changing its IO levels based on the voltage there.


the common Ethernet shield (A000072) (without poe) works partly on the Due R3
it seems it has trouble sending data, receiving (from pc -> arduino) works ok
the udp sample works both ways which is fine for me.

I also have the W5200 which gave me more trouble (haven't tested the udp yet)
Since the udp works and i have 1000 other tings to do, i'm not going to test more.

but perhaps its something else i'm doing wrong, just my 2 cents

The WIZ820io from Wiznet works perfectly with the Due and it is really more faster than the shields based on W5100
It is not a "shield" and requires some cabling
Yo can have a look at

or at my blog (in french) for a project using this module
and, if you use more than one module connected to the SPI bus, this entry can be of interest:

There are shields based on W5200 but I have no experience with them and don't know if they are Due compatible. You can find one of them at
I hope this would help you