Arduino shield, construction detail question

Hello all.

Im developing a Arduino shield (it's RTC + EEPROM IC + Shift Register for LCD). I print my boards using silk screening (had no luck with toner transfer), and to avoid getting a wrong result and be forced to do the silk part more than once (and lets see if I have luck), I have a question that im not sure how to deal:

A shield:

The shield have the normal socket where you plug the pins for prototyping and it have also the pin bar under the board thats what makes contact with the usual Arduino socket.

My shield is single sided. Considering the upper PCB socket and the pin bar must be aligned, my question is how to do to put both sockets aligned? I just make bigger holes and and attach upper and bottom sockets at the same modified holes?

Any tip to perform the task?

Any suggestion or clues are very welcome.



Well - first off, the black header sockets you buy are ones with extra long pins (and IIRC, they need to be square pins, not machined round pins - but I am not completely sure). So you insert them, then solder them on the bottom solder side (I assume the bottom of your single-sided PCB is the solder side?). If you want to make sure of the alignment, probably the only way would be to get an already manufactured and soldered prototyping shield, plug you headers into that, then put your PCB over the header pins, and while everything is connected, solder the pins to your PCB. This will act as a simple alignment jig. You might also be able to make such an alignment jig with a single sided board, but with just pins soldered in place, and your solder-side facing up. Put the pins in the holes on the arduino, put the PCB solder-side up over the pins, solder the pins, then remove the jig from the Arduino (in this case, the Arduino would act as a temporary jig to solder up a jig - heh).

I hope the above makes sense, and I am not misinterpreting anything…


Hello cr0sh,

Thanks for the considerations.
To clarify things, thats what I have here for sockets:
So the normal arduino socket type dont have long pins that can be used as extension for the shield.
Maybe i need look for other type of socket for this? Anyway, i never saw anything different about this type of socket to sell in here… but parts market in here is very limited so that’s the type of sockets i have to work.


Yeah - those (the image you posted) are short-lead sockets, you need ones with longer leads...

Thanks for confirmation cr0sh... So sad parts market in here is poor variety and disponibility, even some common and wide used parts are hard to get sometimes so no long leads sockets for now. Well, let's live with some adaptation for now.

Thanks again and salute !