Arduino Shield Scaffold

Nothing amazing, it's just an absolute minimum template for starting an Arduino shield in Eagle. You can download the files and start adding your design to the schematic, the headers are already in position and locked.

This means you don't have to download files from someone else's shield and delete everything, or try to copy the headers from the Arduino CAD files and have problems unlinking your schematic and PCB.

No ISP headers, etc; just the basic shield.

Hope it helps. I threw it in the Playground already.

Nice one.

Here's the library part I have been using so far:

I kinda like how the "arduino" itself is a single part on the schematic, and the pins are well labeled.

As yours has the pin blocks separate, I can imagine it would lead to a neater schematic as you could place the various headers wherever you want

Yeah, I considered building an Eagle part, but there were a few serious problems with that approach. You can't remove headers if you want a shield that doesn't use all the headers, you can't remove text, you can't change the board outlines to whatever you want. He added some "package variants" to the library, but my approach offers the most flexibility.