Arduino Shield Stacking

Hi, Im thinking of creating a robotic arm as a project, the only problem is im not sure how I should approach it. I was wondering if it was possible to stack a host shield on an arduino UNO and than to stack an Adafruit 16-channel PWM/Servo Shield on top of the existing usb shield. so ultimately creating a 3 layer control board system. The reason for the USB shield is dor Ps3 blutooth control and the Adafruit for servo control.

Im very open to suggestion and if u know of a way for me to control multiple servos on one arduino while control them via a ps3 controller please let me know.

Whether or not you can stack shields depends on which pins they use. You can't, for instance, stack two ethernet shields, since they both use the same set of pins.

You need to look at which pins each shield uses. If there are no common pins, they can be stacked. If there are common pins, they can't be, unless you do some pin bending.

Thanks PaulS,

Im not sure I understand what u mean with the pins and how I can tell if the shields are able to stack or not, could u maybe give me a more in depth explanation or link me a a good website?

Thanks again.

By their nature, all the pins are common, it is just a matter of whether they are used or not, and there are conventions which take that into account. For instance, a display shield is not likely to use pins D0,D1, as that is the standard pair for hardware serial. A display shield manufacturer who demanded pins D0,D1 would probably not be in business very long. Further, many shields have choices on pin-use configurable by jumpers. I had problems with a display shield that clashed with SD, but that was fixed with a jumper, and the system works pretty well.