Arduino Shields on the BeagleBone Black

Hi Community,

I did design a Cape for the BeagleBone Black which makes it possible to use our beloved Arduino Shields. It's not only made to use Shields with it furthermore it makes prototyping much more easy, no matter if you're using 3.3V or 5V logic or up to 5V analog inputs, you will not blow up your Beagle $)

This is the latest revision I assembled today:

(See more pictures here)

Here are some features:

  • Changing logic level from 3.3V to 5V can done by software.
  • Storing logic levels in the EEPROM.
  • Built-in LED gives you optical feedback which logic level is in use.
  • Shields are either powered by BeagleBone or external 5V Connector, selectable by solder jumpers.
  • Shield I/O includes an EEPROM to support automatic firmware loading via Device Trees in Linux.
  • Precise voltage dividers make it possible to measure up to 5V analog voltages, without handling external reference voltages or burning your Beagle.
  • Z-Diodes will protect your Beagle from accidentally applied overvoltage on analog inputs.
  • Two different types of level shifters are used: TXS0102 for I²C and TXB0108 for GPIO signals.
  • Timer pins are selectable by solder jumpers.
  • The + version provides a MCP27013 to gain additional 3.3V/5V GPIOs.
  • SPI can be used from D10, D11, D12, D13 and the ICSP header.
  • I²C/TWI is R3 compatible.

Tomorrow I'm going to upload a video on how to interact with the Cape through I²C, changing logic levels and starting demo applications.

If you're interested in the project, please have a look on my indiegogo campaign.

I'd like to hear any comments and suggestions you might have.