Arduino Shields Problem

Hello, I think I need some help for use arduino with multiple shields

The shields link below, My problem is I cannot connect these 2 shields on arduino uno, I think these 2 uses same pins on arduino uno r3. only usb host shield works, or only ethernet shield works. But I must combine these 2 with arduino.

How can I solve this problem ?

They both use the ICSP connector and SPI bus so even if you managed to make the connection to both you could only use one at a time. So would have to soft select one then the other through the shield or chip select pin control. If both are pinned the same and for instance use of pin 10 for SS then you need to move one to a different pin.

If you have not obtained the shields then you have a variety of options such as:

Read this previous posting for some more details on what is involved:,28744.0.html

I didnt find a way to do this :frowning:
I bought new ethernet shield, enc28j60. default pins of new shield are below

VCC - 3.3V
SCK - Pin 13
SO - Pin 12
SI - Pin 11
CS - Pin 8 # Selectable with the ether.begin() function

how can I change these pins to another ? (for example like below)

VCC - 3.3V
SCK - Pin 10
SO - Pin 9
SI - Pin 8
CS - Pin 5 # Selectable with the ether.begin() function

pic of shield


the usb host shield uses pins 9 and 10, these can be reasigned and the information is in the manual,

it involves a little soldering and a library edit to reflect the change.

manual page
look close to the bottom..

I have the same issue :wink:

The best solution is to replace the ICSP connector on one of the devices (the middle "sandwiched" device) to connect to the upper device. The ICSP pins on both those devices are cut off at the shield board level. When you replace the ICSP connector, do not trim off the pins at the board level. That will allow a connection to the upper shield.

Then, as filk states, you must reassign one of the slave select pins. Looks like the usb shield is the easiest.

edit: If I had my way, the ICSP pins would not be trimmed off flush on any shield. Trimming off the ICSP pins doesn't do anything except cause interface problems with other shield SPI devices.

This is from the USB Host page:

Arduino communicates with the MAX3421E using the SPI bus (through the ICSP header).

This is from the ethernet shield page:

Arduino communicates with both the W5100 and SD card using the SPI bus (through the ICSP header).