Arduino short-circuit


Today is soldered my project together but unfortunately there was a small passage wich shot-circuited the 5V to gnd. Fixing the soldering work was a small job but the arduino is no longer working. It still gives power but it does no longer execute the uploaded program and on my mac i get the error 500 (“programmer not responding”) when i try to reupload (also on windows btw). I think that the atmega is burned (can it be this?) and is it repairable? There was no smoke or anything like that but the atmega is now producing heat (which wasn’t the case before).

And i thougth that the arduino was able to withstand a small short circuit.

No, the chips are not able to handle short circuits. If the chip is hot, that's usually a good sign that one or more outputs are dead, and the chip is not far behind, if not dead already.

Are you getting a good 5V now? Did you damage your regulator?

The 5v is still good and the regulater is not damaged. So is buying a new atmega (with bootloader) enough to make it work again?

Could be. What else is on the board?

Just a standard duemilanove

Try the Loopback Test in the programming forum also, make sure you didn't damage the FTDI chip.

The loopback test was succesvol. Does that mean that only the atmega is damaged?

fabiandelete: The loopback test was succesvol. Does that mean that only the atmega is damaged?

Very possible, but you can only really tell for sure by installing a new 328P.

Keep in mind if you buy a replacement with bootloader installed that you know which bootloader it uses. If it has a Uno bootloader installed you must thereafter always select the Uno type board rather then the duemilanove board you now select.


Oke, I ordered a new atmega with bootloader.

Thanks for all the help.

I have a similar problem, see I can get a Microcontroller on my local electronic store. If this is a "raw" version, how can I get the bootloader on the chip? Is this the standard or at least a good way to do this ?

I think Nick Gammon has the best writeup for installing a bootloader:

I have several AVR ISPs, is like having a dedicated Arduino for the task.