Arduino showing wrong board in port

So I’m new to arduino and I just bought an Arduino Pro Micro off eBay. I’m using it for an analog handbrake with a variable input. Anyway I connected it all up, plugged it into the computer and installed all the programs, I get a single red LED show up on the board. Before I upload the sketch to the board I went to change my Board and Port under the tools section, changed the board to Arduino Micro but under port it only shows “COM1” and “COM3 (Arduino Leonardo)”. When I unplug the board from my computer the Arduino Leonardo disappears. I’ve got no clue why it’s doing this, unless I got scammed or something. Any help would be appreciated.

The Leonardo and the Pro Micro both use the 32U4 processor, IIRC.

This is common with the Chinese Pro Micro clones. It doesn't make any difference. Just ignore it and get back to having fun with your project.

The "Pro Micro" is not an official Arduino board.
It is made by Sparkfun, so the original is a "Sparkfun Pro Micro".
From Ebay you get a clone.
Those Pro Micro clones are cheap and handy, I use them myself.
When you are serious about Arduino, don't forget to buy an official board someday or donate something to support Arduino.

You can use it as a Leonardo as pert wrote.

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