Arduino shutdown

Hi. I want my arduino to shut down from the code as a safety feature if something goes wrong. Is this possible? My goal is to set it up so it does like what Marlin firmware does for thermal runaway protection. Thanks in advance.

Do you mean turn off completely? If so, a Pololu Power Switch will work.

However, beware of connecting digital pins on an unpowered Arduino to powered equipment.

Hi @gguppy .
You can use an arduino driven relay with a hold contact.
When activating the relay with the arduino it turns off the arduino and remains activated by the holding contact.
To restart the arduino a normal closed button on the hold circuit.

When you press the button, the relay turns off, then turns on the arduino.

RV mineirin

I like the relay idea, but wouldn't it just turn back on after it loses power from the shutdown?

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