Arduino sign up

Just signed up.

Not off to a good start.

I find it extremely offensive that the sign-up procedure demands your date of birth and says it uses this to guide decisions about what kind of account you get or some such nonsense

Frank Campbell

And how is this any kind of tutorial?

(They just want to know your Star sign so they can tailor your horoscope)

Please use the flag symbol to alert a moderator, and ask them to move your rant to a more appropriate section of the form

It’s not, it’s a complaint. There is no obvious way to register complaints or make observations addressed to whomsoever runs this site

@fwc3535, welcome.

Your topic has been moved to a more suitable location on the forum. Introductory Tutorials is for tutorials that e.g. you write, not for questions.

Please note that it was moved to Website and Forum - Arduino Forum which hopefully addesses "There is no obvious way to register complaints".

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Thank you.

That still leaves the question, why do you need my age as a determinant.

Why not just give a random DOB? If you have an issue providing any data on the Internet, then don't.
On sites that do require this that i'm just visiting, I provide random info, and a disposable email from
And 'you' is the incorret term! It is the template of the forum that askes for this.

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Why don’t I give a random date of birth? Because I don’t tell lies.

I’ve used disposable email addresses for decades when I want to have a short correspondence but don’t want my address sold.

Quibbling about choice of words was a discussion that started when he internet became accessible to anybody in the 90s. There was a consensus that is was pointless, especially as English is not the first language of many internet user. Does the term “grammar police” not ring a bell.

I'm trying to point out that 'you' is the incorrect term, this is an open forum, not run by anyone specific! But if all you want to do is vent off, then feel free. And no, "grammer police" means nothing to me! Is that one of your english speakers sayings?

The grammar police work out of the same office as the spelling police.  These are people who helpfully(?) point out one's missteps in writing.  As a member of both I note that your spelling of 'grammer' is incorrect.  fwc3535 got it right.  :grinning:


This discussion could become even more hilarious than it already is. If this site, which is free, is not run by anyone then who’s paying for it? My assumption that there must be moderators was based on the fact that within seconds of my post people were climbing all over me telling me I was doing the wrong thing. That is just like moderators do on most of the free sites I use. I think I now understand what’s going on and I will make no further contribution on this particular discussion and will probably delete it if I can because it’s completely pointless. I joined the site because I thought it might provide a valuable source of information. If all I get is the thought police then I’ll go elsewhere.

Actually, I will add one more last thing. If anybody on this site would like me to contribute any insights that I have a acquired in my 55+ years of writing software then they will have to ask me nicely.

Well, you got that bit right.

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Since you are 113 years old, be proud and put that down.

Let's get on with helping you if/when you have questions in hardware or software.

Welcome to the group !

Different legal requirements apply to the handling of user data if they are under the age of 13:

@in0 so why don’t they ask if you are under 13. I’m quite happy to answer that question if given the reason why.

Looks like I may have stumbled on how to include quotes from previous notes which was my next question.

As a general comment it looks to me like this a badly designed and run website which is used for the most part by pedantic like me. It doesn’t need another one so I will become a lurker

Have fun and au revoir

It's clear that you don't actually want a solution over justification of your feelings. It's been pointed out that there are legal reason and that this is a forum platform that the Arduino forum is built on.

Your primary gripe should be filed with discourse as it's the platform upon which theis forum is built.

You'll go far with that attitude.
Hopefully you'll stay there.

If anybody on this site would like me to contribute any insights that I have a acquired in my 55+ years of writing software then they will have to ask me nicely.

Please feel free to contribute your insights in the appropriate forum sub-topics.

This is fine. False personal information violates the rules of

by the way:

Who processes your data

Arduino S.r.l., with registered office in via Andrea Appiani 25, 20900 Monza (MB) – Italy, is the Data Controller of the processing of your personal data, necessary to provide you with the services and products of Arduino and, upon your consent, for marketing purposes, consistently with the purposes and modalities indicated below. Arduino’s Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) may be contacted via email at or at the above-mentioned address.


So if you care you could contact the DPO, and advice him that the full birthday day is not necessary for an age check and that his organisation might violate one of the principles of GDPR (as reference Art 5c "data minimisation").