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@noiasca. Thank you for an authoritative and detailed response to my concerns

Please consider accepting @noiasca s answer as a solution. You can select solution under his reply and this topic will soft-close.

@er_name_not_found I already did. See my response above

No, you acknowledged it and that's great, but as I requested and stated clearly, there is a button under his comment to mark it as the solution. Please press that.

Boy, that solution button really stands out at the bottom of messages. It’s truly amazing that a/ I didn’t know it was necessary and b/ I didn’t see it.

It’s good to see that pedantry is alive and well on this forum.


You are terrible at receiving any type of advice or help.
You have one redeeming post in this entire thread.
Why would anybody every ask anything of you with such a chip on your shoulder about everything*

I don't like the idea of blocking users ever, but I think you might just be toxic enough to justify it.

Please do block me. If your rude, pedantic responses to a site newbie are typical I seriously doubt you would ever say anything worth listening to.

Terrible news - "ignore" times-out after six months.

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I vote for a disarmament of words.
Make love not war.

make love

listen and learn


If anybody wants my analysis of all the foregoing I will be happy to oblige.

Newbie question. Does this forum have a Private Message facility?

Sorry, I meant website.

Next newbie question. Does this website have moderators and if so how are they identified?

Yes, click a users Avatar.

Yes, click on About

It's not necessarily a guarantee but, I've noticed the little shield after a screenname generally denotes a moderator.


Not directly answering the question

If you want to report a post, there is a flag image under each post.

If you want to report a topic, there is a flag image at the bottom of the topic.