Arduino simple library builder for beginners

Arduino-Simple-Library-Builder this program designed for building arduino library fast and easy, please advise me for make it better....

this program is open source and i made with Visual 2010 Express Edition , if you edit this project, please send me a copy...


New Update is available!

Download LINK: [source code 1_0_0_25]




asemani: this program is open source and i made with Visual 2010 Express Edition for source code you can send me an email...

Why not just publish the source code in your GitHub repository?

FYI, you're not supposed to use that logo without the permission of Arduino. There is another logo that is free for the community to use: It's called the Arduino Community Logo and you can get it here:

Looking nice!

You should put the source code directly in the repository, rather than in a .zip file. GitHub makes it super easy for people to suggest improvements to your code via pull requests but this really doesn't work if the files are locked up inside a .zip file.

My recommendation is to only have the source code in the repository, and to attach the .zip file with the compiled application to each GitHub release (see: Then each release will have links to the source code downloads as well as the compiled application ready to install. People can also always download the latest version of the source code in an automatically generated .zip file via the Clone or download > Download ZIP button on your repository's home page.

I also recommend that you do some research on best practices for your commits: In addition to improving your programming/version control workflow, this will make your projects more attractive for others to contribute work.

dear [ pert ]

thank you very much for your kindness and useful advise's

i will do...

now i put the source code directly in GitHub, but in zip file i'm new to GitHub :(

really thanks :)

asemani: now i put the source code directly in GitHub, but in zip file

how do you commit/track changes on a zip file?

Most security minded people aren't going to download a zip... but if they can see the source, they will download it.

Just post the source, no zip.

I don't understand why you insist on putting things in zip files. Git and GitHub really work best with text files. If you move your source code out of the zip file then you can see a diff of the changes made in each commit. The way it is now if I want to submit a pull request for some improvements to your code I have to unzip the source code, make the changes, then rezip the source code. The pull request will not be able to show what changes I've made since you can only see that the two zip files are not identical. You would then need to download my zip file, unzip it, and run a diff on my version vs your version to see what I changed.

putting non-text files in your repository also causes the size of the repository to get big very fast because Git stores the changes to files. If a commit is only changes a few lines in a couple files then that would normally not increase the repository size by much, only the number of bytes to store the diff and the associated commit metadata. However if that changed file is in a .zip file with all the other files then it will take many more bytes to store each commit because it affects the entire .zip file.

GitHub will automatically produce a .zip file of the repository when you click the Clone or download > Download ZIP button so when you download the current repository you end up with a zip file that contains two other .zip files

dear [ pert ] i did it and upload the source code may you test it? thank you


this program designed for building arduino library fast and easy

Can you explain more clearly what it is that your program actually DOES? I don't group "build library" and "beginner" together!

hi, this program specially designed for build libraries and show all library page files in the same time, and will have many simple examples for making libraries for beginners, i know this program is very simple but the goal is saving time to write libraries

best regards :)

I haven't had a chance to try it out yet so maybe some of this is already implemented.

I frequently find some very simple problems with Arduino libraries:

  • Use of spaces rather than tabs as a keyword-identifier separator in keywords.txt.
  • Invalid format of Invalid category value, invalid version format, missing required fields.

It would be cool if the library builder would make it easy to generate these files and ensure they are correctly formatted. For example, there could be a drop-down list of valid categories to chose from.

You can find the library specification here:

dear [ pert ]
i did your helpful suggestion’s
now the program can make old and new version of libraries with correct format!
new updates is available!
i want to thank you very much
blessings and best regards!


New update #include: - Fix some errror's - Make PDF documentation - more flexibility - New library publication - and more... thank you and enjoy it!

release 1.0.2 + source code 1_0_0_22

:) Hi

New Update is available! and release * fix some errors * add find text tool