Arduino Simple Wav Player 2

Previously we introduced “Arduino Simple Wav Player”, which actually should not be given the name “wav player” because it’s not flexible at all for the limitation from Arduino flash. This tutorial and set of kits, is complementary to that. By contrast, it gets greatly improved in the flexibility and sorts out the limitation problem by storing the converted music file into a SD card. Makers can build better music player on this basis.

I. Prepare

  1. Dupont line
  2. SD module
  3. USB mini speaker
  4. Freaduino UNO
  5. SD card
  6. Audio port

II. Make

  1. SD module and UNO connecting chart:

  2. Solder the audio port. Do pay attention to put a 10 uF capacitor in serious between the left/right channel and the audio input, in this way, we can reduce the impact of the DC component to guarantee a better sound quality. Then plug the channel signal lines into the D9 pin on UNO.

  3. Make audio files: convert the audio files to be played into wav format by using the audio format conversion software.

  4. We need the software (see in the enclosure) to make the appropriate audio format for Arduino. Open the software; select the suitable conversion program according to the working frequency of the Arduino. Here we select the full-rate single channel mode “Arduino with 16 MHz”. Drag the wav file just now to this batch processing file; wait for a while you will find a new folder, in which locates the converted file. Put the generated file into the SD card formatted as FAT format.

For codes at source page:

Thank you ! Your contribution is appreciated. I recently read a post about a guy wanting to stream music wirelessly with his arduino. This might be a starting point. (or not , I don’t know) but being able to play the music is definitely a start.