Arduino simple wireless voting system

I was surprised to see that such a project does not exist yet, or at least that I wasn't able to google it...

Anywho, the idea is rather simple, many arduinos send via bluetooth (or anything else) which of the three buttons was pressed to one computer which then takes care of the rest.

Nice to have would be a led light to indicate when the buttons should be pressed and one to show that the computer received the info.

Would this be possible?

Disclaimer: absolute arduino newbie, 0 experience.

Would this be possible?

The hard part is working with bluetooth. It's not exactly "Plug and play". More like "Plug and pray" (or curse and swear).

Getting the PC to pair with multiple bluetooth devices (receivers) could be an issue, too. Or, do you intend to have only one receiver? In which case, the difficulty will be having multiple Arduino pair with that one receiver.

Sounds like you need 2-way communications that can survive collisions...

  • Send to handheld unit: Ready to accept a Vote
  • Receive votes and Unit ID
  • Send back "Vote received" to Handheld.

BUT: Handle collisions and tell users to try again if their vote is not acknowledged. Maybe blink the "Ready to accept vote".

This will take some coding.

Maybe Nrf24L01+ units like these??

Some info here on the

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Writing a robust communication protocol is definitely the most important part. My own experience with Bluetooth has been that pairing the devices is a nightmare but once they are paired everything will work fine. If you need lots of devices BT could be a problem as it only support around 80 channels (the exact number escapes me) and any other Bluetooth device in the room will eat up the free channels.

For cost considerations I might consider using infrared communications. There you would also have the problem of overlapping transmissions, but that could be prevented in software by any number of systems.

As other's have mentioned sorting out the potentially competing signals from multiple transmitters will be a major hassle. It's probably worthwhile to go with something that's intended to handle multiple transcievers communicating simultaneously; like Xbee/Zigbee or similar protocols.

Thank everyone.

From what you all wrote, it seems I should try to solve the placing the cables around the room issue rather than going wireless :slight_smile:

Thank everyone.

From what you all wrote, it seems I should try to solve the placing the cables around the room issue rather than going wireless :slight_smile:

Well if that's what you decide is best for your application, great. I just hope we didn't inadvertently convince you that it was unfeasible to implement this type of system wirelessly, because that is certainly not the case.

Hi, A pretty complete tutorial on how to connect multiple DS18B20 "1-wire" temperature sensors is here:

DS18B20 info on :

You might want to use prewired probes like these:

Using CAT5 you probably want 1 pair as +5 and GND and another as SIGNAL and GND

Let us know what you decide...

DISCLAIMER: Mentioned stuff from my own shop...