Arduino Single Sided Project

Hy Arduino Community :) I would start a car dashboard project for my old van (RENAULT trafic from 1986 ), arduino based for sure , and I find in the old board references the Single Sided Arduino board . I see that this old board support ATMEGA 8 , and :

1/ I would like to know if I could replace the ATMEGA 8 by an ATMEGA 328 , I found in the Datasheets from Atmel that both µcontrolers have the same pin diagram , I suppose they are "swapable" ?

if they are "swapable",

2/ Do I need to replace the crystal to match the AT328 spec. ? 3/ Can I replace the serial connection to an USB / Serial Shield ? 4/ and finaly do I need to modify the components of the old schematic ? ( I'm a middle noob in electronic at this level :) but I allready made a transistor based ignition driver for this van if someone is intressted by the schematic and PCB , just ask me :) ).

It's not a money saving question but I would like to make this board myself , to modify the PCB to replace the pin connector by other type of connector , so I will modify the PCB to match my needs and be compliant with connectors in a car product , when the proto will be OK . Thx for the answer :)

Hello Dj, Welcome to the community. I shall suggest you to prototype your system on a breadboard first. Go through the links. It may help you. ATmega328 needs a 16MHz crystal. all the best...

Yes you can just replace the chip - for a 328P a 16MHz crystal would be standard, to make life easier make sure to buy a 328 chip with the Arduino bootloader pre-installed.

@ Nightcrawler218 : Thanx a lot to accept me in the community ( sorry for my poor english :) ) Yes it Is the first step I use to prototype all my electronic project , reason why I own a freeduino ( ) , and an arduino DUE , and a lot of breadboard :) , and OMG this is exactly what I'm searching for ( ), with my poor english I don't put the right words to search in the references in THANKS !!! And the second link is very very nice to know , I never though that the µC should have a boot loader ( I will learn the boot action like I learned the boot loader for my smartphone It is intressting to know what the µc needs to be operationnal : THANKS again :)

@ MarkT : After reading the links from nightcrawler , I think I don't need to purchase an Arduino with boot loader pre-installed , I have 2 boards with atmega installed and fonctional , so If the boot loader from my seeduino and the arduino DUE are identical , I will burn the bootloader with one of them . THANKS to you too :)

I thank you both for the very fast answer :) and I will open a new topics to share my experiences during the DashBoard project :)

You're most welcome. One more thing, while working on an "Arduino on breadboard" you have to know the equivalent pin mapping for the 328 chip. It will make things easier like connecting the Vcc, GND or other input, output devices. Here it is... Saw the pictures. It seems that there's a cigarette lighter on your table... :P

Ok , This is the diagram I found on Atmel website :)

The cigarette lighter was for trying to burn the bootloader :) Extra LOL :)