Arduino site "documents" folder

I just did a Google search for a 293 datasheet and got this url:

I thought, aha!, that's handy, and didn't recall finding /documents/datasheets here before. But, if I try to access either or I get 403 Forbidden, and I can't find a link to these folders in the menus.

Can someone tell me how to access the "documents" folder please?

The 403 is returned on purpose, otherwise you'd see the default folder index listing, where you could download everything unless a custom index page is provided.

I assume their reasoning is they may have mixed external resources with their own, making a security issue, or plain just to stop people downloading the entire directory ( bandwidth issues ), seems pointless to have it all, but it would happen, also some browsers/apps could grab it all automatically if they support a form of offline mode.

As the link is used in the products page, I guess it is because there is private data, which in their case is in the wrong spot. Private data should be stored above the public web folder denying access to all public requests, not just those who don't know how to exploit the system. From my own web-server logs, I can see many attempts from bots spamming forms and urls, I'd imagine a 403 is a playground for them, cos all it means is you have something to hide, and the bots are made by people who are familiar with 'getting in'.

Went a bit sideways there, but no documents folder.
Use an arduino+ethernet to spider the forums collecting all the urls pointing to the documents folder. Then you can make your own.

google " " and you get ~30 hits ...