Arduino + six servos on one power outlet for taxidermy wing project?

Hi, beginner here,

I'm doing a moving taxidermy wing sculpture powered by an arduino uno and six SG90 microServos 9g. I exhibited it in a forest for an afternoon and made it run on batteries which worked but I needed to change the batteries for the servos once during the 6 hour display.

Now I'm going to exhibit it in a gallery and would like to power it through a wall socket to make sure it's reliable and low maintenance for the gallery. I know I can power the arduino through the wall socket, but how do I handle the servos? Do they need their own outlet or how do I go about this?

Here is the piece:

How do the servos get their power when running on batteries ? I hope that it is not via the Arduino 5V pin

No I connected a 6v-battery pack when I exhibited it last, but this is what I want to solve using a power outlet to them instead somehow,.

Sorry, but I don't understand the problem. Why can't you just substitute the power supply for the battery ?

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Probably better to get a 5V power supply then you can run the servos and the Arduino from that (via its 5V pin).


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One of these would work

AC/DC adapter

Split the output into two, one goes to Arduino's 5V input, the other goes to Servo's 5V input

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